Friday, July 06, 2007


Today marks the third Bloggy-Versary of this, mine own humble, yet dopey exercise in Self-Aggrandizement and Time-Wastage. For it was on this very date in 2004 that I kicked off the nascent Blog d’Elisson with this post, a Review of New Food that was, alas, rejected by McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Philistines.

During that time, I’ve written over 2,350 posts, even spawning a book of 100-word stories in the process. [What? You don’t already own a copy of Shorts in a Wad? For shame!] Those 2,350 posts inspired you, my Esteemed Readers, to write some 8,700-odd comments...and believe me when I tell you that some of those comments were plenty odd. Some of the commenters, too.

A lot of what I post is utter rubbish, but I like to think that, every so often, there’s a nugget of Decent Writing. Kind of like a diamond embedded in a Cleveland Steamer, to use the kind of analogy that causes Mr. Debonair to throw his hands up in revulsion and despair.

It’s a lot of fun to throw Random Crap out there on the Internet. Fun, in fact, to the point of being SWMBO will attest. Cathartic, too: it offers an opportunity to blow out those clogged mental arteries on a regular basis. In this wise, blogging would appear to combine the best features of masturbation and the good old-fashioned enema...but without most of the distasteful mess.

One of the best parts of This Thing Of Ours, this Bloggy-Nostra, is that it has, as an incidental effect, resulted in my meeting numerous other Online Journalists, many of whom I now regard as friends. And without this strange new medium, it’s very improbable that our paths would ever have crossed. Look at that “Bloggers I’ve Met” section of my sidebar and you’ll get a small idea of how blogging has enriched my life. (If you call getting loaded and watching Yabu blow shit up “enriching.”)

And you, my Esteemed Readers, are the icing on the cake, for it’s only so fulfilling to shout into a depopulated echo chamber. Your visits and comments are always welcome and appreciated more than you know.

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