Thursday, July 26, 2007


Being a short list of some of Harry Potter’s lesser-known spells, charms, and incantations.
  • Membrum turgidio! - Useful when Harry’s, er, ahhh, “wand” needs a quick stiffening up. Can be reversed by the counter-charm Membrum flaccidio!

  • Colonum evacuatio! - Helpful incantation after too many meals in the Hogwarts dining halls.

  • Brunoculorum wipio! - Generally required after using the Colonum evacuatio! incantation. If omitted, eventually a Launderis jockishortis! charm will be necessary.

  • Orthodontia disentanglio! - After a long “snogging” session with Ginny Weasley, occasionally Harry will find that their braces have locked. This charm solves that nasty problem.

  • Habilimis undishevillium! - When the above-referenced “snogging” sessions become more serious, this incantation is useful for putting clothes back in place quickly in the event of an unexpected interruption.

  • Expellianus! - Spell used to remove undesirable personages from the immediate vicinity.

  • Extortio litterati! - Charm used by Harry to line his pockets with a few well-earned Galleons from J. K. Rowling’s massive Muggle bank account.

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Of course, Elisson can play, too. His incantations Paulie! or Walnuts!, when spoken aloud in the presence of this guy, will elicit a predictable response.

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