Sunday, July 01, 2007


She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were in Savannah with the Mistress of Sarcasm celebrating the Mistress’s twenty-fifth birthday yesterday.

We started by grabbing breakfast at our hotel, then going to the pool and catching a few rays. It may not have been the beach, but it was a reasonable enough facsimile.

After running a few errands (translation: shopping our brains out), we repaired to Back in the Day Bakery, a little shop in the Mistress’s old neighborhood, there to enjoy a light repast. Their sandwiches, amongst them curry chicken salad spiked with plenty of ginger, and Camembert with roasted pepper, kick major ass. In a “taste really, really good” sort of way.

But the best part was the Baby Cake.

Back in the Day makes these little-ass layer cakes, about three inches in diameter, complete with buttercream frosting rosettes. Gorgeous little jewels, and (a rare thing), as good-tasting as they are good-looking. But for the Mistress’s special day, we got a six-incher: still a tiny jewel of a cake, but big enough to be suitable for the occasion.

Baby Cake
A Baby Birthday Cake.

The Mistress was ecstatic. Lookit how she’s enjoying that cake...first essaying a tentative forkful...

Check Out Dis Cake!

Just a Taste...

...and then Getting Serious.

Bite This!
The Mistress sure do enjoy her Birthday Cake.

As the Missus and I watched her burying her face in that cake, we both flashed back on an occasion many years ago...

By George! It was the Mistress’s first birthday...and even then, she showed great promise in the Sweet Tooth department...

The Mistress’s First Birthday
Oooh, a big cookie! For me?

Hey, dis is pretty tasty!

Baby Cake
Waddaya mean, it’s bath time?

The more things change...aww, you know the rest.

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