Friday, September 21, 2007


Welcome once again to Blog d’Elisson’s Friday Random Ten, the weekly feature in which I post a selection of Choons drawn at random from Elisson’s Little White Choon-Box.

Sure, it’s Friday...and not just any Friday.

For it is Erev Yom Kippur, the day before the Jewish Day of Atonement, that uniquely sacred time that begins as the sun sets. Therefore, instead of our typical Friday evening dinner with the Usual Suspects, we will enjoy a light collation before heading off to synagogue, there to hear the beautiful, haunting melody of the Kol Nidre liturgy and to beat our breasts, atoning for the sins which we have committed during the previous year.

For at least 25 hours, we will not eat or drink. We will abstain from wearing leather shoes - a symbol of wealth and of Man’s predominance over his environment - from shaving, from Pleasurable Ablutions, and from Humma-Humma (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Instead, we will focus on our relationship with God and with our fellow humans in an orgy of Self-Examination. It’s a wonderfully purgative experience.

For my Jewish friends and family, my best wishes for a g’mar chatima tovah - to be sealed for a good decree from the Most High, the Big Guy. And for my non-Jewish friends, Happy Saturday!

But meanwhile, we have Choons to attend to. Here they be:
  1. Turn Around - They Might Be Giants
  2. Mississippi Dildo Bust - Doug Stanhope
  3. Jamaican Ska - Fishbone
  4. Convalescing In Spain - The Judybats

    Convalescing in Spain
    Trying to purge this sickness
    You started in me
    At the outdoor cafes
    Trying to cool this fever
    Drink, relief, recovery
    In the scratchy shade
    Of a dusty almond tree
    Boozing it up with friends I’ve made
    Yeah, we laugh till we cry
    They don’t know my mind
    Is oceans away
    The people really like me here
    My Spanish is getting better

    But all I want to do is
    Break away from them
    And write you another letter
    That I’ll never send
    I fold them into boats
    Set them afloat in the
    Neighborhood pool
    The children love them till they
    Sink and say, “Hagame uno mas!
    Esos son muy cool!”

    Running on the beach
    Over the rocky part
    I can almost forget that
    Forgetting is the hardest part
    That letting go
    Is only a state of mind
    That love is impure
    That love is blind
    I’m talkin’ blinkers, baby

    Running on the beach
    Over the rocky part
    I can almost forget that
    Forgetting is the hardest part

    Convalescing in Spain
    I’ve been keeping a diary
    And I must be getting well
    Cause I write less of you
    And more of me
    Things like
    Did we sleep through the best part?
    Did we cry through the worst part?
    Did we chinga through the good days?
    Did we get stuck with the end?
    Don’t we cry when someone
    Steals the show
    Hate when it’s someone we know?
    Perhaps this is the best part
    Convalescing in Spain

    Perhaps this is the best part
    Convalescing in Spain

  5. I Lost All My Money At The Cockfights - Minus The Bear
  6. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare-Krishna Beauregard (Live) - John Prine
  7. Democracy Is A Flawed Theory - Doug Stanhope
  8. Rockin’ The Suburbs - Ben Folds
  9. Our Prayer/Gee - Brian Wilson
  10. Wish Me Luck - Klaus Badelt, The Time Machine (2002)
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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