Saturday, April 21, 2007


Superman finished setting the table in his Penthouse of Semi-Solitude, his pied-à-terre in Metropolis. Furnished with the exotic furniture of Krypton’s Techno-Deco period, it was perfect for those times when the Man of Steel wanted privacy.

He lit the candles; a blast of Super-Breath chilled the Champagne. Lana Lang was coming by for a home-cooked dinner (yay, Heat Vision!). Afterward? That disaster with Lois was still fresh on his mind...

Three hours later, a semi-drunk, exhausted Lana Lang lay against Superman’s naked chest. Smoke curled upwards from under the sheets.

“Ow! Next time, Supes, would ya knock off the Super-Speed?”

[Inspired by that infamous old one-liner: “Do you smoke after sex?” “I don’t know, I never looked.”]

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