Thursday, April 19, 2007


That would be a good working title for a convention of half-goat, half-man beasties...which could be either more or less interesting, depending on which half was the goat and which the man.

Conventional depictions of satyrs show a man above the waist, a goat below. But what about a man below and a goat above? Not much for conversation, but a good substitute for a garbage disposal.

And for the really bizarre, how ’bout goat on the left, man on the right? Gawd, that’d be ugly as a bastard. Wonder what its thought processes would be like? Left brain? Right brain?

Oh, but wait: You wanted satire.

Get thee to the skwib, where you can enjoy the 72nd Carnival of Satire. Afterwards, you can go and speculate upon satyrs all you want.

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