Thursday, April 12, 2007


The magic 200,000th site visit. Click to embiggen (and make clearer).

Well, thanks to the clickety-clicking of my Esteemed Readers (Reading the content? Pfaugh - screw content, we just clickeen!), this site recorded its 200,000th visit at one minute and thirty seconds past 10:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time, this morning.

According to Sitemeter, the culprit is this guy (as evidenced by the screenshot above) - but wait!

This somewhat obsessive dedicated young lady also has a claim on #200,000 - a claim supported by a screenshot of the Sitemeter on my sidebar:

200k, too
The other magic 200,000th site visit.

I think I know what happened. Erica no doubt camped out on the site and kept clicking away in an attempt to roll the odometer over - but Sitemeter, even while it totted up alla them clickies, kept track of all the other visitors who dropped by in the interim.

So, what to do? Erica got the coveted screenshot, whilst Rube got the Magic Visit. Shall I reward both? Of course! Allus I need is Rube’s snail-mail addy. Rube, ya listening? Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

At this rate, I should see my millionth visitor sometime in May, 2018. Of course, by then, the technology will have evolved to the point where you’ll be able to write posts by squeezing your ass-cheeks together in a syncopated rhythm...and everyone will be logging their bodily functions on Twitter, as mandated by law.

I can’t frickin’ wait.

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