Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yesterday was our congregation’s annual Men’s Club Shabbat, the day the Men’s Club conducts the morning service. It may be likened to the Inmates Running the Asylum.

As a past president of our Men’s Club - and believe me, there is no better title than Past President - I had the opportunity to read a portion of Torah...and to deliver a d’var Torah. A sermon, that is. And I rarely turn down an opportunity to get up on the proverbial soapbox. Pontification “R” Us!

I will spare you the details...but I will share a brief excerpt with you, my Esteemed Readers. Because I loves ya, ya know:
...Even the most secular Jews will make some sort of token observance of Passover, and I think it may very well be because of the family nature of the holiday.

For we are, at our core, a tribal people. There is nothing that binds us quite like the ties of Family Relationships. And Pesach is a family-oriented holiday, so I suppose you might say that Pesach is the Holiday that Binds.
Yep, leave it to ol’ Elisson, to get up in front of an entire congregation and deliver a Doodie Joke from the pulpit...

...if we Jews believed in Hell, I would surely be headed for an eternal vacation in Toasty City...

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