Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As much as we kids loved cartoons back in our Snot-Nose Days, there was more than just animation to entertain us.

We had Classic Stuff: material that, in many cases, was superannuated Theatrical Fodder that had been resurrected by television stations desperate for content. Abbott and Costello (whose show I personally never cared much for.) Laurel and Hardy. Our Gang, AKA The Little Rascals. Somehow, their Kidly Adventures were fresh and funny to us, despite the fact that they had been filmed in the 1930’s. The occasional Depression-Era Anachronism didn’t faze us.

We had Howdy Doody. No, that was not a Defecation-Related Inquiry. That was a marionette. Anyone remember the Flub-a-dub? What the fuck was that thing, anyway? I nearly wept when they pulled the plug on Howdy in September, 1960; I remember watching the final show, the only one on which Clarabell the Clown (originally played by one Bob Keeshan in his pre-Captain Kangaroo days, and after 1952 by Lew Anderson) ever spoke.

We had The Three Stooges. You got your Minimum Daily Stooge Requirement by watching Officer Joe “I’m not a real cop but I play one on TV” Bolton, who hosted a daily half-hour show on one of the local stations.

And we had...Soupy Sales.

Click here to see the clip! (8 min 15 sec, 19.5 MB)

Click here for a shorter version (1 min 20 sec, 3.4 MB)

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to John Kricfalusi for the Soupy link!]

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