Friday, April 06, 2007


Sometime in the next week, assuming normal traffic - whatever that means, these days - this site should see its 200,000th visit. According to Sitemeter, that is.

I don’t pay as much attention to traffic as I used to. It’s depressing, owing mainly to the fact that it’s trending downward...and there’s no point, anyway. This site, with its bizarre mix of personal reminiscences, Judaic trivia, 100-word stories, cat pictures, snakes, poems, and recipes, is never gonna pull in gaboons of visitors.

I’m not as funny as Steve H. I’m not as Faulkneresque (and just plain twisted) as Velociman. I’m not as pastorally poetic as Eric. I’m nowhere near as wildly prolific as Laurence Simon. And I’m not political, like Emperor Misha or my wine-drinking buddy Denny.

You want the Really Big Traffic, ya gotta be very funny...or political.

But when I started this thing back in July of 2004, I was curious: Would my Random Bullshit find an audience on the Inter-Webby-Net?

And by your presence here, Esteemed Reader, you have given me an answer.

Anyway, enough maundering. The 200,000th visitor, if he or she is astute to capture the Magic Screenshot, will receive a Mystery Gift from Yours Truly. It’s only a number...but it’s a number that I never really expected to see. Thanks for helping to make it happen!

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