Thursday, October 11, 2007


There’s nothing makes me want to dance
Like a brand new pair of Underpants.

The blue-haired ladies look askance
When I show off my Underpants.

They’re free of bees and flies and ants.
They’re insect-free, my Underpants.

I’m hypnotized: I’m in a trance.
Those mesmerizing Underpants!

Averse to risk? Why take a chance?
I wear my Safety Underpants.

Their silken fabric draws one’s glance.
Gaze, gaze upon my Underpants.

Like armored Knight with Battle-Lance,
I’m protected in my Underpants.

I dine on animals and plants,
Take meals in my Underpants.

Residing in my lordly manse.
I wear my lordly Underpants.

[The theme of Weekly Challenge #78 at the 100 Word Stories Podcast is, of course, Underpants.]

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