Monday, October 01, 2007


Elisson’s already-overburdened blogroll welcomes a new addition today: Justin of Welcome to Crazy Town.

Here’s Justin, talking about why it would make perfect sense to remake one of the biggest bombs in Hollywood history. Makes perfect sense to me, anyway:
“I read somewhere that Weird Science is being remade. If we are that bankrupt for new ideas, then Howard the Duck should should be at the top of development cycles.”
And here he is, describing an incident in which a man took his fiancée to a fondue restaurant in order to break up with her, only to be rewarded by having a pot full of boiling fondue oil thrown in his face:
“Did anyone eating a plate of beef, chicken and shellfish ever realize that they had walked into a veritable kill zone? Would that stop them from putting grapes into cheese during the appetizer portion?...I wonder if anyone gave them a fondue pot.”
Sweet. Go and read more...and tell him Old Uncle Elisson sent you.

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