Monday, October 29, 2007


This month’s Sommelier Guild dinner and wine tasting was held at Veni Vidi Vici in midtown Atlanta.

I had Wagyu beef sirloin, grilled medium rare with a nice savory crust, sliced and served with sautéed shallots and frisée lettuce; a salad of striped beets and haricots verts (dem’s Green Beans) with truffles and aged Camembert; for dessert, crème brulée. All of this was washed down by lashings of Klinker Brick 2004 Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel...

No, wait. That was the dinner I had Saturday night at Bistro Savannah with the Mistress of Sarcasm, SWMBO, and the Other Elisson.

The tasting tonight was Italian-themed, with a total of eleven different wines. Denny has the wine list and menu posted here. Sound good? It was every bit as good as it sounds...and maybe even better.

In addition to Denny, we were joined by Houston Steve and Son of Houston Steve, both of whom have spent plenty of time in the very places where this evening’s wines came from. Son of Houston Steve, having recently returned from a lengthy tour of duty in Uzbekistan and Moldova with the Peace Corps, had many entertaining stories of Life in Borat-Land.

[Lest you think Mr. Debonair walks around with his pinky out and his nose in the air, be advised that I consumed, with considerable gusto, a cheeseburger at Wendy’s last night during our trip back from Savannah. I was, in fact, ready to order the Baconator, but I thought better of it: The idea of scarfing down 830 calories worth of cheeseburger (incorporating 51 grams of fat, yet) was capable of horrifying even me. Plus, I was with the Missus, who is a Past Master at helping me avoid my worst impulses...and my brother, the Other Elisson, who lives a revoltingly ascetic lifestyle when he is not under our Baleful Influence. Watching me eat a Baconator might make his head explode.]

Oh, the pain and indignity of Gracious Living...

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