Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Random photos from our weekend in Savannah.

A Colorful Stroll
The Mistress takes a colorful stroll along Drayton Street.

More beneath the fold...

Augusta Block

Peeling Paint 3
An old door at the Sentient Bean.

Peeling Paint 1

Carson’s Rainbowcycle

This bicycle is a prime example of What’s Popular with the Arty Kids in Savannah.

Never mind the colors. What’s interesting to me is that this is an ultra-lightweight fixed-gear racing bicycle, the sort that aspiring Velocimen ride in a velodrome. Fixed-gear, yes - the drive train is a chain that links the pedals and the rear wheel. There is no coaster mechanism: while the bike moves, the pedals must turn. And there are no brakes.

It’s hairy enough to ride a machine like this in the controlled environment of a velodrome. To ride one on city streets is sheer madness...but plenty of SCAD students do it.

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