Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Pomegranate Pile Driver
Pomegranate Pile Driver.

“Why, Mr. Debonair - whatever are you drinking? It looks so...elegant.

It’s a Pomegranate Pile Driver - a new twist on a venerable old recipe. The perfect tipple, now that I’ve achieved Double-Nickelhood.

I was going to fix myself a Pile Driver (AKA Bebe Rebozo, in honor of Richard Nixon’s old buddy), when I realized I had the wherewithal to Kick It Up A Notch. For the gracious and talented Erica - the Wiseass Jooette herownself - had presented me with a bottle of Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka. The combination of flavorful pomegranate and rich prune sounded perverse, yet irresistible.

Following the basic recipe for the Pile Driver, I put some ice in a cocktail shaker and added one ounce pomegranate vodka (actually, I used closer to two ounces); four ounces Sunsweet prune juice (the contents of one of those small cans); and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Shake - pour into a Martini glass - garnish with a slice of lemon and, of course, a prune on a toothpick.

And, be damned if it didn’t taste just fine.

Alas, as flavorsome as the Pomegranate Pile Driver is, it just wouldn’t do for one to become an overenthusiastic consumer. Given that its main ingredient has a reputation for its laxative effects (effects that, in a certain segment of the population, may be seen as desirable), care must be taken when enjoying this Perverse, yet Elegant Cocktail.

Because it’s one thing to get shitfaced...

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