Friday, October 12, 2007


Welcome once again to Blog d’Elisson’s Friday Random Ten, the weekly feature in which I post a random assortment of music and other audio ephemera from the iPod d’Elisson.

I’m here at Chez Elisson with Erica and Leslie, fresh arrived from their several travels. We’ll head out momentarily for a quick bite at the Local Bagel and Smoked Fish Emporium, after which we’ll pick up She Who Must Be Obeyed at her school and toddle on directly to Helen. Bloggy Fun awaiteth.

Good to see that Erica knows how to pack light, too. A month-long safari in Africa ain’t in it, as my friend Captain Aubrey would say.

Meanwhile, whadda we have to listen to, Johnny? Checkit:
  1. Shanty Town - Mr. Scruff
  2. Kyle’s Mom’s a B**ch - South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  3. Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G - 1. Allegro - Trevor Pinnock; English Concerto
  4. I’m An Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
  5. When Desperate Static Beats The Silence Up - Ben Folds
  6. The Spirit Of Man - Jeff Wayne
  7. Act Naturally - The Beatles
  8. Dona Dona - Moishe Oysher and Sholom Secunda
  9. The Sinister Minister - Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
  10. Waiting For The Rain - The Judybats
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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