Thursday, October 04, 2007


There has been a whole lot written recently about the latest fashion trend amongst observant Jews: wearing Crocs on Yom Kippur.

Because Jewish law prohibits the wearing of leather shoes on the Day of Atonement, it’s common to see people show up at services wearing suits...and sneakers. But now Crocs, those popular plastic sandal-like shoes, have attracted a considerable following, according to the JTA News Service:
From secular beachgoers in Tel Aviv to right-wing Orthodox settlers in Hebron, Crocs - the bulbous-toed, open-back, rubber summer shoe - already were ubiquitous in Israel. Now, reports from several synagogues across America suggest, Crocs have surpassed Chuck Taylors, Keds, flip-flops and a host of other options to become the Yom Kippur shoe in the United States.

Crocs - the perfect Yom Kippur Shoe!

Of course, Mr. Debonair, our very own Fashion Consultant at Blog d’Elisson, is way ahead of you can see in this post from one year and one day ago. Yep - you heard it here first.

And best yet: Not only are Crocs the perfect Yom Kippur shoe (after all, they’re holey), they also are just the thing to wear on Tisha b’Av!

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