Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yesterday, I met up with a few of the Blown Eyed Blodgers for an Indian Dinner in downtown Atlanta.

The occasion for the convocation (nice turn of phrase, that) was Matt Burden’s business-related visit to Atlanta. Matt, a good buddy of Eric the Straight White Guy, is familiar to an increasing number of folks in the Bloggy-Sphere as the guy behind Blackfive. His presence in town was a fine excuse to assemble a mini-blodgemeet.

And so it was that Eric drove down from Tennessee, stopping to join me for a pleasant luncheon at the Local Bagel and Smoked Fish Emporium. Afterwards, we proceeded to head downtown, where we were joined by Richard, the lovely Morrigan (Sister d’Bou), Zonker, and Denny...and, of course, Matt.

A short cab ride got us to Haveli, where we proceeded to stuff our collective faces with Indian food: chicken tikka masala, prawns korma, saag josh, various kulchas and naans, and biryani rice, all washed down by a plethora of beverages that included Kingfisher beer, cold Pinot Grigio, and masala tea. Delish.

Of course, there are always Unintended Consequences when one has a pleasant time.

Fortunately, I did not suffer the Unintended Consequences. Unfortunately, She Who Must Be Obeyed did...for throughout the night, unbeknownst to me as I slept the sleep of the Righteous and Well-Fed, the aforementioned saag josh - a seriously spicy lamb curry with spinach - began to generate prodigious quantities of Toxic Vapors, which said Vapors proceeded to perfume our bedroom to the point that SWMBO was left gasping and muttering imprecations under her breath.

No pleasure without pain, I suppose. But for SWMBO’s sake, next time I go for the cuisine of the Subcontinent, I’ll sleep on the sofa...

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