Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The ability to tell a good story is a gift.

It’s one that I possess only to a modest degree...but what little Raconteurial Capability I have is inherited from my very own Daddy, Eli hizzownself.

I always used to love hearing my Daddy tell a story. Still do. Sure, he can tell a joke...but his real strength lies in the Shaggy Dog Story, the tale told at some length, often for a dubious payoff. My favorites are the ones he tells in his own unique brand of half-Yiddish, half-English, for no language is better designed to convey a joke than that of the Ashkenazic Jews.

His facial expressions alone are a joy to behold. At least, for me. Lookee:

Eli the Raconteur 1

Eli the Raconteur 2

Eli the Raconteur 3

Presented here for your amusement is a Tale Told by an Eli...The Piano Lesson, complete with subtitles in the necessary places.

Update: Want more of Eli’s stories? Here you go:Enjoy.

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