Thursday, September 29, 2005


Geoffrey Allen Cole, the Minister of Bloggery at expatriots united, hosts the latest edition of the Carnival of the Vanities.

Geoff has adopted a unique time-saving approach: simply paste the submissions into the post exactly as they appear in the e-mail generated by Ferdy’s Carnival Submission Form. Not only does this method save time, it avoids all of the Righteous Umbrage that submitters feel when the host editorializes unfavorably on their work. [So what if it looks like shit? It’s the content that counts, am I right?]

I’m not sure if it’s Laziness or Ignorance - but anyone who has the seichel to sign up to host a carnival surely must know what a good one looks like. And, shit, if you’re going to cut and past from Ferdy’s form, at least do it properly - don’t stick the whole fucking e-mail in there! Aaaaggghhh.

Laurence Simon, not one to merely criticize this piss-poor excuse for a Carnival, has taken it a step further, posting the Avignon Edition of the Carnival of the Vanities #158. (For the Avignon Edition of CotV #134, go here.) Way to go, Lair!

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