Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yes, friends, it’s the Premiere Edition of the Carnival of Satire, and you can go see it over at the skwib.

With all of the Carnivals already floating around the Bloggy-Sphere, you might well ask yourself, “Self, do we really need Yet Another Useless Fucking Carnival?”

And I will answer: Yes, if the subject area is clearly defined. Blogging is all about narrowcasting; you can focus on whatever your little heart desires because you don’t have to please verybody in order to get exposure for your material. All that really matters is that you represent it correctly, and it will find its proper audience.

This carnival is about Satire. Not Parody, not Irony: Satire. I like Satire, so I will be reading and contributing regularly. If you, too, like Satire, so should you be.


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