Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Good God.

Four amazing writers - Velociman, treppenwitz, Eric and Jimbo - and then there’s me, and between the five of us, all of whom Elisson trusted the keys to, we let the cobwebs accumulate.

<Straight White Guy>


</Straight White Guy>

I’m pretty much devoid of inspiration at the moment, so that’s my excuse, and besides, I have a major inferiority complex, what with having to blog in the shadow of these aforementioned Towers of Power.

The Blodgy Faulkner fessed up to wanting to shtup a 32-year-old Mary Poppins tossed up a post, SWMBO dished the TMI to Jimbo, trepp - the most awesome writer in the universe, despite delighting our sensibilities with 17-word posts (trust me, the guy is being incredibly modest) - has the haiku thing covered, and I did my ‘whatever’ post.

Not to put you on the spot, but that leaves you, Mr. Let Me Get Down On My Hands & Knees And Watch Spiders Eat Each Other Under The Pool Table Mr. I Buy Paint With Rocks In It Eric.

Surely you can pull yourself away from watching the squirrels boink outside the Man Room Window and make the time to crank out a series of dots for Ole Uncle Elisson.

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