Saturday, June 30, 2007


Mistress Birthday
Images of Mistress Past.

She’s twenty-five years old today.

It’s hard to believe...because it seems that not all that long ago, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were looking at her, freshly emerged from her nine-month home with a head full of thick black hair and wearing a little stocking cap (this last courtesy of Mister Doctor Ob-Gyn). And wailing to beat the band.

Born in Georgia, she’s lived all over, thanks to our schlepping her along on our various Family Relocations. Glastonbury and Trumbull, Connecticut. Houston, Texas. Marietta, Georgia, back to her roots. And now, Savannah, home of SCAD, her Alma Mater, and her choice of residence for the two years since she was graduated. This, despite a childhood promise - we have it in writing! - to always live with her Mommy.

With a quick wit, a quick smile, and a quick laugh, she is everything a Daddy could want in a daughter.

Happy Birthday, my joy of joys - may you live to be 120 (kein ayin hora), all in good health and prosperity. That last part is important, ’cause I’ll be expecting you to support me when I’m old and decrepit.

Serious Mistress
The Mistress of Sarcasm today.

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