Sunday, June 10, 2007


While we spent last week as the Honored Guests of our friends Deborah and Dennis at their Cancún timeshare, Blog d’Elisson enjoyed the presence - and not inconsiderable talents - of several Honored Guests of its own.

Looking back on the week’s worth of posts, one could conclude that I had signed up a mob of Guest Roasters rather than Guest Posters. But that’s all part of the fun of living in Bloggity-World...especially when the folks to whom you hand over the keys have a well-demonstrated history of snark, satire, and just plain Wise-Assedness.

I want to thank those that helped keep this site from becoming a Desolate Wasteland during my unprecedented week-long absence. [More desolate and wasteful than it normally is, anyway. Hell, all y’all made this place look far more interesting than it does when I write it. Maybe I oughta do this all the time.]

There’s Dave Bogner of Treppenwitz. Dave - who, in a temporary fit of insanity, handed me the keys to his own place a few months ago - is one of the most highly-regarded writers in the Israeli blogosphere, and probably will remain so unless word of his association with this site gets out. Dave got the hang of the place very quickly, submitting a thoughtful essay that managed to include an observation on contemporary Israeli politics as well as the term schadenfreude, one of Elisson’s favorite fitty-cent words. But even better, he managed to use the word “taint” in a haiku. Respect, mon.

You never know what you’re gonna get when you let Velociman, our very own Bloggy Faulkner, drive your blog. It’s a little like that box of Forrest Gump chocolates, except in this box, the chocolates may have fillings that especially pungent. Like tapeworms...or puked-out liver chunks. V-man, you are Da Man.

Eric, master of italics and ellipses, contributed – of all things! – a Cat-Blogging Post. And here I blithely assumed that he would write about whisky, or guns, or driving around in Sylvia (his snazzy convertible) shouting “Tabernacle!” at random passers-by, or sitting on his deck drinking his morning coffee and watching the cockroaches fuck under his deck. Mercy...

Erica - mi khamokha ba-sofrim, Erica? Who is like unto you among writers? I’m still chuckling over the ass-rippage you handed down on the unseemly length of my blogroll...while I consider just which sites I should prune from it. Hmmm... And that Photoshop? Masterful. I have been served, peeps.

And then there’s Jimbo, of the Fine Farookin’ Hair, whose site is where people pull over by the side of the Garden State Parkway to pee. Holy long as I’ve watched this guy skewer Nancy Pelosi, Barbra Streisand, and the like with his brilliant interviewing technique, never did I think that I would make such a honkin’ big fat-ass target for not one, but two brilliant pieces. Jim, I am eternally in your debt. Now if I can just get SWMBO to stop laughing...

My Honored Guests have done me honor by their efforts...and so I’ve created a category (“Honored Guests”) to capture all of their fine posts. Click on the sidebar link and you can read all their stuff...without being distracted by mine.

Thanks again!

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