Friday, June 29, 2007


While in Destin last week, I had a chance to check out some of the latest fashions in chapeaux. And since I already have an adequate supply of Panama hats and fedoras, it was time to see about an upgrade to that other quintessentially Elissonian bit of haberdashery: the infamous Colander.

Yes, it’s Colander Borg-Man!

Colander-Borg Man 1
Nice, but nothing special.

I busied myself with inspecting several non-metallic models. Stealth, baby. Gotta fly below the radar...and, as we all know, the Space Aliens are already on to our Tinfoil Hats.

Colander-Borg Man 2
Not bad!

The hanging price tag helps give it that Minnie Pearl look, am I right?

Colander-Borg Man 3
Raise the antennae!

Turns out this model has retractable flip-up antennae, the better to receive those mysterious communications from the Great Zorg. And that bright red color is its own Fashion Statement. Love it!

Manolo can keep his Shoe Blog. Here, you gots Colander Borg-Blog!

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