Thursday, June 07, 2007


Did you ever make a silent wish that the local cat-lady (y’know, the one with the 63 cats living with her in a double-wide trailer) would be attacked and eaten by her army of felines?

Look, don't get me wrong... none of us actually wants the old biddy to come to actual physical harm. But let’s call a spade a spade... there is a fine line between being fond of cats (a line our host his-own-self is dangerously close to crossing), and having so many of the little monsters slinking around your double-wide that the pungent smell of cat piss and old kitty litter is starting to bring down the neighborhood property values!

So, if we were to read in the paper that the neighborhood cat lady got herself mistaken for a schmorgesborg of Purina® Fancy Feast®... well, I think that most of us would maybe enjoy a moment or two of private schadenfreude before rushing off to tell everyone we know about the senseless tragedy.

I experienced a moment like that a few days back.

The local Israeli moonbat contingent known as Peace Now decided to mark the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War by trekking out to ‘Occupied Hevron’ and staging a big noisy demonstration to protest the evil occupation... and to show support for their poor, downtrodden Palestinian cousins.

So, you can imagine the conflicting feelings I experienced when I read in the news that these useful idiots had been stoned and chased out of Hevron by the Palis within moments of stepping off the bus. Yes, that’s right... I nearly wet myself with glee.

Look... as with the cat-lady example, I honestly don’t wish any human being to come to grief. Seriously, I would be very happy if everyone could inoffensively live their allotted 120 years on this earth, and then quietly cash in their chips in their sleep.

But if someone is going to go and do something I find foolish or annoying (or both)... and for their trouble they get a can of whoop-ass opened up on them... well, you’ll have to forgive me if a spend a few minutes donkey-laughing and slapping my knees in private celebration before calling up a couple of friends and sharing the sad news about yet another tragic attack.

Not only does this kind of thing prove that there is a G-d... but it suggests He has a very nicely developed sense of humor.

Note: For all you folks who were talkin’ in school when you shoulda been listenin’... schadenfreude means ‘taking pleasure from someone else’s misfortune.’ [Source]

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