Sunday, June 25, 2006


Eric, the Straight White Guy, has a remarkable ability to place himself in circumstances that, well, don’t seem to be natural for a Straight White Guy.

A few weeks ago, he and Princess Fiona enjoyed a brief sojourn in Knoxville, serendipitously timed to coincide with that city’s Gay Awareness Day.

And this weekend, they are in Atlanta, simultaneously enjoying the shopaholic’s dream that is Lenox Square, along with the festivities surrounding Gay Pride Weekend.

I can understand the draw Atlanta exerts on our brethren and sistren from up Tennessee way. After all, we have the shopping - Fiona can attest to that after a full day of wearing out her shoe leather at Lenox. We have Indian food, a cuisine that attracts Eric like a warm pile of shit attracts flies a bug-zapper attracts mosquitoes. We have a Squad of Miscellaneous Blodgy People - like me, Zonker, Denny, Morrigan (the Kid Sis o’ Boudicca), and her Significant Other - who can provide companionship whilst imbibing Spirituous Liquors at the Palm Bar. And we have screaming hordes of flamboyantly-dressed Gay People, many of whom pay as much attention to their shoes as does Eric to his H. S. Trask oxfords.

Do we sense a trend developing here?

Next thing you know, Eric will change the name of his site to “White Guy.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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