Saturday, June 10, 2006



Buns - and Pretty Much Everything Else - of Steel

Getting Enough Iron In Your Diet?

This Job Is The Pits

From Confabulation comes this heinous little news item concerning an unfortunate worker who came into Intimate Contact with a ladle full of molten steel:
A foundry worker was killed Thursday when he fell into an industrial pit and was covered in molten steel, authorities said.

Gordon Hickman, 41, was operating a massive ladle near the rim of the 35-foot pit just before noon when he fell into it, moments before the 2,600-degree steel was poured in, said Battalion Chief John Whitlatch of the Canton Fire Department.


It wasn’t clear whether Hickman, of Homeworth, was killed by the fall or survived until the steel was poured. Whitlatch said the pour could not have been stopped in time.

Whatever challenges I have to face in the course of my labors for the Great Corporate Salt Mine, being in close proximity to 2,600-degree liquid metal is not among them...and for that I am grateful.

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