Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Many of my Esteemed Readers have been riveted to their screens, following the adventures of Flat Stanley over at T1G’s place.

[If it were up to me, I might’ve named him “Flat Albert.” Hey, hey, hey!]

Flat Stanley, along with the jet-setting garden gnome in the movie Amélie, is a World Traveler. And so is Storyteller, Elder Daughter’s little chunk of carved obsidian.

Meet Storyteller

Meet Storyteller, our favorite Mesoamerican Idol.

I’m not sure if Storyteller can actually tell stories, but he certainly has seen enough Exotic Locales to give him a few ideas.

Elder Daughter schleps him around whenever she travels...and that’s a lot, these days, owing mostly to her work. She’s been to the jungles of Mexico, the sweaty-hot desert of Egypt, the scented hills of Morocco, and the canyons of Los Angeles, all in the past year and all in the course of her Paid Gig. Next stop, in about two weeks, will be Uganda. Oy.

And, of course, there was our vacation trip to Japan. Storyteller was right there, accumulating tales for future entertainment...

Storyteller Zen

...enlightening himself in a Zen garden...

Storyteller Arashiyama

...sightseeing at the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest...

Storyteller Tenryu-ji

...contemplating the teachings of Buddha at Tenryu-ji...

Storyteller Calligraphy

...practicing calligraphy...

Storyteller Calligraphy

...preparing to soak in a hot Japanese bath...

Storyteller Futon

...bedding down on a futon in a traditional room...

Storyteller Futon

...and keeping Elder Daughter company on the Hakone Ropeway.

Little dude oughta write a book.

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