Tuesday, November 14, 2006


In the old days of TeeVee, programmers and writiers would spice things up by having various performers do “guest shots” - a practice that continues unto this very day. Witness Chevy Chase in a recent episode of Law and Order, in which the old funnyboy actually displays some serious acting chops.

Likewise my humble site, where I am not above employing the occasional guest in order to keep things interesting.

Last week, f’rinstance, I posted a picture of the Mistress of Sarcasm’s cat Neighbor.

This week, for Tummy Tuesday, I happen to have a few shots of Fred, the more gregarious of Eric’s two kitties, in full Tummy-Skritching Flagrante Delicto...

“Ah, but who is doing the skritching?” you ask. The answer is below the fold...

Why, it’s the Mullet-Man hizzownself, getting some hot kitty action!

[Feel free to insert your own gratuitous Pussy-Rubbing joke here.]

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