Thursday, November 30, 2006


There’s an old expression concerning the weather in Texas: If you don’t like it, stick around a few minutes. It’ll change.

True, dat.

I am in Houston, enjoying the hospitality of the Great Corporate Salt Mine. It was 70°F this morning as I gulped down a couple of cups of coffee, chased it with a glass of pulperrific orange juice, and packed my bags. Within minutes – the time it took me to get to the office - the temperature had plummeted to below 50°, and by the time I head out to the airport this afternoon, it’ll be in the low 30’s.

Welcome to fall in Houston, home of the Blue Norther.

Except for the sometimes violent storms that accompany these great, sweeping cold fronts, I have always liked Northers. They clear out all the surplus humidity and the brown funk that seems to hang in the air in this part of the world, leaving behind a crisp, clean, deep blue sky and refreshingly cool temperatures. On a more philosophical note, they’re a reminder not to be too complacent about Life As It Is – because things can change in a heartbeat. Sweat one minute, stiff-nipple chill the next.

It’s a natural human tendency to believe in trends. When the stock market is rising, everyone wants to buy. When prices of commodity chemicals are headed north, everybody in the industry wants to build a plant and get in on the action. But trends are an illusion. Cycles prevail. What goes up must come down, and vice-versa. The tricky part is figuring out when the turning point has arrived. It’s not always as obvious as a change in the wind.

Habits are comforting, and it’s natural to seek refuge in the familiar. But life happens, and when it does, enjoy that cobweb-clearing blast of cold air - even as it soaks you to the bone and freezes your stindeens off. No pleasure without a little pain, eh?

Good Gawd, am I waxing philosophical, or what? I need to post a recipe, or a cat picture...

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