Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Every once in a while, I’ll take a peek at my referrer logs only to find that this site receives visitors from some Strange Searches.

Here are some of the keywords that have sent folks my way...
  • jagshemash
  • king ranch chicken
  • deflowering
  • tim horton the hockey player’s birthday
  • dream about waterspouts
  • there are two means of refuge from the miseries of life music and cats
  • bigtime tornadoes
  • the land of the bean and the cod
  • seltzer bottles canal street nyc
  • willingway
  • springtime in savannah
  • onglet steak - recipe
  • yiddish expression to ward off evil eye
  • king ranch chicken recipe
  • tornado dream
  • bump inside ear
  • types of smoked fish
  • pachalafaka lyrics soupy
  • rectum, damn near killed
  • princeton class of 1974
  • thick bitter root beer new brunswick canada
  • pachalafaka lyrics soupy sales
  • florentine pogen lyrics meaning
  • chocolate asphalt
  • how to make donair meet
  • chunks throat
  • 007 do i look like a man who cares?
  • hanger steak
  • chanukah oy chanukah lyrics
  • hot pussy
  • man in line for santa jean shepherd the line end hers
OK, I can understand why these search terms will bring people here. For sure, I have written posts about things like Tornado Dreams, hanger steaks, and an asphalt-like hot fudge recipe.

Hell, I can even understand why someone might want to look for some of these terms on the Inter-Webby-Net. Haven’t you ever woken up in the dead of night, wondering just what Soupy Sales was singing in that dopey song?

I’m a little surprised the term “enema blog” didn’t show up. Some time back, there was apparently a whole squadron of nutcases that found this site whilst looking for an Enema Blog. Jeezus. You write one post that mentions an enema bag, and that’s the one everyone remembers you for...

But today, I saw that someone was drilling into Blogger - specifically, my site - looking for posts about boogers. Boogers! Now, who would do such a thing? And, more important, why?

Mystery solved!

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