Monday, November 27, 2006


Now that the Big Weekend of Face-Stuffing By Way Of Appearing Thankful is over, I thought I’d share a few photos with my Esteemed Readers.

Here we have She Who Must Be Obeyed, the Mistress of Sarcasm, her boyfriend Mickey, and housemate Kim, relaxing in the living room prior to the Commencement o’ Festivities.

And then there are the Festivities. We ended up with a small houseful of guests that included friends of the Mistress, Mickey, and/or Kim.

Included among their number was a young fellow yclept Carson, who showed up on his racing bike with a knapsack full of fixin’s for Corn Pudding, which he proceeded to whip up in the kitchen, and a bottle of Irish whiskey.

[Like several of his contemporaries, Carson rides a bike that’s expressly designed for serious bike racing, velodrome-style. No gears, no brakes. How he manages to navigate his way through Savannah traffic without getting schmeared all over one of the Local Oaks, I have no frickin’ clue.]

Also among the happy revelers was one Voytek, who brought a bottle of homemade pickled herring; a young lady - a co-worker of Mickey and Carson - who also happened to be the niece of the Governor of Arkansas; and Josh, a guy with a strangely familiar hairstyle:

Remind you of anyone?

Does this help?

We all had a grand time. Plenty of food, and we managed to go through several bottles of wine (including one of rainwater Madeira that SWMBO took a liking to) and a couple of vats of Kriek Lambic, a Belgian cherry-flavored beer that goes better with turkey than almost anything else I’ve ever had.

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as much fun!

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