Monday, November 27, 2006


...may all be found at the various Carnivals that have been posted over the last couple of days.

Yes, I’m aware that cat, Jews, and food look strange when juxtaposed as they are in this post title. Suffice it to say that to Jews, cats are not food.

You want cats? Check out the Carnival of the Cats, the 140th edition of which is up (at last!) at Scribblings.

You want Jews? Go visit Haveil Havalim (“Vanity of Vanities”) number 95, over at Smooth Stone. A Smooth Stone: something all of us nephrolithiasis sufferers can appreciate!

You want food? The latest Carnival of the Recipes is on the boil at Falando pelos Cotovelos. [I’m not sure what to make of a blog that titles itself “Speaking for the Elbows,” but, well, there you are, then.]

Eat hearty! If there’s any room for food after the excesses of Thanksgiving, that is...

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