Thursday, November 09, 2006


Freedom. So many have given their lives to preserve it.

For some, freedom meant an end to slavery. For me, it meant being able to use stem cells – and a heap of grant money - to perfect replicant technology. Cloned humans.

Think of the possibilities! Replacement organs. Better: being able to answer the age-old question: What if?

I had to know. It was a bitch getting the DNA, but somehow I managed.

He comes out of the gel-tank tomorrow. Twelve weeks of deep-sleep hypnopaedia, and he’ll be ready for his stovepipe hat.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Abraham Linclone.

[This story, an homage to Laurence Simon, was inspired by a typo while I was writing a comment. Laurence is, of course, the author of The Wacky Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, a series of 100-word podcasts. ]

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