Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Pishalou 5
Pishalou, 1987-2006.

It is my sad duty to announce the passing of Pishalou, Elder Daughter’s boyfriend’s family’s cat, at the advanced age of 19.

Some of my Esteemed Readers may remember Pishalou, a fearsome-looking kitty whose horrific appearance detracted not one whit from her family’s love for her. Her looks were earned honorably, the result of advanced age...helped along by a kidney condition for which she was under a veterinarian’s care.

Pishalou expired peacefully in her sleep. Not for her the heartwrenching Final Trip to the veterinarian’s office; not for her the Needle-Borne Quietus. To pass away in one’s sleep is the kiss of God, a gift all too rarely bestowed on our animal companions.

Our condolences to Pishalou’s human friends. To Pishalou, ave atque vale. We hardly knew ye, kitty...

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