Sunday, October 22, 2006


Kachina HorsieI have been remiss in not announcing a winner of the last Caption Contest.

Who knew that a Kachina Horsie would generate so much obscene speculation? OK, admittedly, that Saddle Thingie looks perfect for Holding a Lady’s Nethers like a Bowling Ball...Lisa and Richard, I am appalled...and yet, strangely, not surprised...

Anyway, Da Winnah is Dash Riprock hizzownself, with this gem:

“Much to Gumby's dismay, Pokey finally decides to come out of the closet.”

Caption Contest Winner!

Dash, feel free to use this Winner’s Button in your is a veritabobble Badge of Shame Honor. And thanks to everybody who contributed a caption!

And now, for the next Caption Contest...

Does this Exotic Rock suggest anything to you? Leave your caption in the Comments.

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