Friday, October 06, 2006


Ahhh, Friday, sweet Friday.

I’m in Sweat City right now, having returned from a pleasant dinner at Goode Company Barbecue - home of the finest Texas ’cue since SWMBO’s Daddy walked the planet - with Laurence Simon and his lovely bride Gina. Tomorrow evening, it’s off to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, where I’ll hook up with the Missus Saturday morning. We’ll spend the weekend with SWMBO-bro Morris William and family, celebrating the recent arrival of our new niece Madison as well as the calendrically adjacent birthdays of nephew William and Yours Truly.

Right now, though, it’s time to get an early peek at the Random Output of the iPod d’Elisson. What’s on the box today?
  1. Sign In Stranger - Steely Dan

    Have you heard about the boom on Mizar Five
    People got to shout to stay alive
    They don’t even have policeman one
    Doesn’t matter where you been or what you’ve done
    Do you have a dark spot on your past
    Leave it to my man, he’ll fix it fast
    Pepe has a scar from ear to ear
    He will make your mug shots disappear

    You zombie
    Be born again my friend
    Won’t you sign in stranger

    Do you like to take a yo-yo for a ride
    Zombie I can see you’re qualified
    Walk around collecting Turkish union dues
    They will call you sir and shine your shoes
    Or maybe you would like to see the show
    You’ll enjoy the Cafe D’Escargot
    Folks are in a line around the block
    Just to see her do the can-can-Jacques


    Love or leave her, yellow fever
    Sure, it’s all in the game
    And who are you
    Just another scurvy brother


  2. Pharaoh’s Dance - Miles Davis
  3. Fuck Her Gently - Tenacious D
  4. From Me to You - The Beatles
  5. Ballet Mécanique - George Antheil
  6. I’m Not Wearing Underwear - Avenue Q, Original Broadway Cast
  7. Green Earrings - Steely Dan
  8. Anyone Can Play Guitar - Radiohead
  9. Turkish Yalle Vey Uve - Naftule Brandwein
  10. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
It’s (damn early in the morning) Friday. What are you listening to?

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