Friday, October 20, 2006


Yesterday, I was So Happy It’s Thursday.
Today, I Thank Gawd It’s Friday.

Today, I’m going to steal an idea from Groanin’ Jock. GJ has come up with the idea of adding a little commentary about each of the ten tunes in his Random Assortment. That’s gotta be more interesting than just posting the lyrics, eh?

So: lessee what’s on the ol’ iPod d’Elisson today...
  1. What Is This Feeling? - Wicked, Original Cast Recording

    Probably a touch of the grippe.

  2. Pachalafaka - Soupy Sales

    This is a truly dopey song.

    Pachalafaka, pachalafaka
    They whisper it all over Turkey
    Pachalafaka, pachalafaka
    It sounds so romantic and perky...

    It’s one of those damned earwigs that, owing to having heard it at a young, impressionable age, has a tendency to pop into the Thought Stream at random moments, causing an intense desire to gouge out one’s eyes with a golf tee.

  3. The Long And Winding Road - The Beatles

    This is the deconstructed version from Let It Be - Naked. Without Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” orchestral sweetening, this is a much different song than the one I grew up with...and far better.

  4. Saltydog - Flogging Molly

    Something the Mistress of Sarcasm stuck on my machine. The name of the band sounds like an Irish euphemism for masturbation.

  5. Take The Power Back - Rage Against The Machine

    These boys sound pissed off all the fucking time, am I right?

  6. Intro - Bill Hicks

    The start to a lengthy comedy set recorded in London. Brilliant stuff.

  7. All Neon Like - Björk

    Did you know “Björk” is Icelandic for “birch”? Did you care?

  8. In Limbo - Radiohead

    From Radiohead’s Kid A disc. Wish I had had this one back in the late 1960’s. Freaky.

  9. Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Donovan

    “I’m Just Wild About Saffron,” my ass.

  10. Marie’s Wedding - Van Morrison

    Van Morrison returns to his Irish folk roots with this rendition of a classic. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express covered this song too, but with decidedly equivocal results.
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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