Thursday, October 12, 2006


Now that we’re back from a weekend of Concentrated Baby Squeezin’ with Morris William (the Kid Bro d’SWMBO) and his brood, maybe I oughta put up a couple of pictures so y’all can see what so attracted us to the wilds of North Texas...

Here’s our niece, Madison Ann, at the ripe old age of one month and one day.

Our nephew William blows out the candles on his cake. Conveniently enough, his birthday is one day before mine...but I’ve got an extra half-century of mileage.

Here’s the Missus with her momma and baby Madison: three generations.

And here’s Morris William with wife Rebecca, baby Madison, and William. Could you plotz?

Three days of this, and SWMBO’s hands are sore from all that Baby Squeezin’. But you can bet she’ll want to head back to Denton for another visit. To the Missus, holding a baby is as addictive as crack cocaine...

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