Friday, October 27, 2006


Yes, today She Who Must Be Obeyed and I hie ourselves to the Great Silver Aerial Bus Terminal, there to take the Big Metal Bird that Eateth Kerosene to that most excellent city of Chicago. Because it just ain’t cold enough for us here in Georgia.

We will have a full schedule and a limited time in which to pack in numerous Family Events, but if any of my Esteemed Readers feel like being adventurous, I can probably be tracked down to my temporary lodgings at the Lincolnshire Marriott, where I will be pleased to share a Pleasant Tipple in the late, late evening.

Meanwhile, Elisson’s Little White Choon-Box is practically champing at the bit...or is that byte? spew out Yet Another Randomized Assortment of Mellow Moozik. Here ’tis:
  1. Pink Power Ranger - Bickley

    Mid-Nineties punk at its finest, from the Pogo Au Go-Go CD. One of the guys in the band was a colleague of mine from the Great Corporate Salt Mine. Talk about leading a double life: Corporate Suit by day, screaming about fucking the Pink Power Ranger by night...

  2. Devil In Her Heart - The Beatles
  3. Act II, Scene 3, Dance - Philip Glass, Akhnaten

    It was January 2001 when I flew to Boston to catch a performance of Akhnaten, Philip Glass’s landmark Modern Opera, with Elder Daughter. We sat in the nosebleeds, seemingly a mile from the stage, yet we were transfixed. I was already thoroughly familiar with the music, but seeing it staged was whole new experience, a magical evening.

  4. Sofa No. 2 - Frank Zappa
  5. Dem Rebn’s Nign - The Klezmer Conservatory Band
  6. Gravity Rides Everything - Modest Mouse
  7. Nierika - Dead Can Dance
  8. Hi De Ho Man - Cab Calloway
  9. Hello In There (live) - John Prine
  10. The Black Page - Frank Zappa
It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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