Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Some time back, I wrote a post that lampooned several fellow bloggers by telling a familiar story as though each of them had written it up on his own site in his own distinctive style. Rashomon Goes To The Blogs, I called it. Just as in Akiro Kurasawa’s filmic masterpiece, the same story takes on completely different dimensions when seen through different eyes.

One of these days, I’ll probably write another post in the same vein, a sort of Rashomon Redux. But there’s no rush, as someone has beaten me to it.

Check out this little number over at Galactically Stupid, where GuyK (Charming, Just Charming) gets run through the Parody Grinder...
It’s a gotdamn beautiful morning here on sweetthing’s half-acre. ’Cept I can't see it outta but one eye. Sweetthing made some of her dumplings two nights ago and as good as they were, they gave me gas. I had to go to the eye doctor for that laser surgery on my other eye the following day and about halfway through the proceedure I farted and it shook my innards so hard it moved my head and the laser dun cut through some of the thingys in the eye. No permanent damage but I have a patch on my eye for a few days.
There’s more, including a “Just For Glee” joke - GuyK’s signature - and a story that somehow involves a scrotum and a fishhook. Read the whole thing.

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to KeesKennis for the link.]

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