Tuesday, October 24, 2006


If we are what we eat, then America is doomed. Lookit:

Jimmeh Dean

I found this over at pesky’apostrophe - if you follow the link to the original post, you can also see Jon Stewart’s snarky take on this wonderful new Comestible Product.

Think of it: a tasty Breakfast Sausage, encased, Corn-Dawggy Style, in a pancake. And not just any pancake - a chocolate chip pancake!

Because Americans don’t get enough chocolate chips during the course of the average day.

What? You don’t like chocolate? Try the (artificially flavored) blueberry version!

To really enjoy Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick (Carnival Food - at home!), Mr. Debonair suggests deep frying them in beef tallow, followed by a quick dunk in Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Laugh if you want - it’ll be a hit in Scotland, home of sausage lovers and fried candy bars.

I dunno. There’s something about a pancake-enrobed Sausage on a Stick that speaks to me on a level that goes way, way deeper than the guilty pleasure of Junk Food. Deep enough to wrap its tendrils around that ol’ Reptilian Hindbrain, where lurk thoughts of hot dogs and buns...or perhaps of other, more mechanical delights.

But I could be wrong. Sometimes a Sausage on a Stick is just a Sausage on a Stick...unless it’s the End of Western Civilization.

[Image lifted from the Junk Food Blog, for which Elisson offers a tip o’ th’ fedora. Another tip o’ th’ fedora to Christina for the mechanical delights link...]

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