Saturday, September 02, 2006


Toronto Time-Lapse
©2006 Sam Javanrouh

This remarkable photograph was taken by one Sam Javanrouh, who published it on his daily dose of imagery site.

It’s a time-lapse image of the Toronto skyline, with each successive slice taken two hours after the one to the left of it.

Go to Sam’s site, and you can see the image in its original context, along with a gorgeous Flash animation of the entire panorama: as you move your mouse over the image from left to right, the hours zip by, the sun goes down, and the city lights begin to illuminate the scene.

After looking at a few of Sam’s photographs, I’ve awarded him a place on the Blogroll. Every day, there’s a new image to admire.

A Tip o’ th’ Elisson Fedora for finding this gem goes to Brandon Hoover, an American expat in Indonesia whose own considerable photographic skills are showcased at javajive. Brandon has been on my sidebar for a long time; his photographs of Indonesian life and scenery are unsurpassed. Terima kasih!

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