Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This morning’s post-Minyan breakfast at the Local Bagel and Smoked Fish Emporium was a little out of the ordinary.

Somehow, one of the local Fox station’s reporters discovered this little treasure trove of Fishy Breakfast Goodness in the hinterlands of East Cobb County, and thus it was that this morning, snippets of our breakfast were broadcast live across the metropolitan Atlanta area on Good Day Atlanta. Intrepid TV Reporter, cameraman, satellite truck, the whole works, all feeding the MSM maw.

It was quite a scene, the cameras rolling as a passel of platters was delivered to our table, each heaped high with Smoked Fish. Nova Scotia smoked salmon. Baked salmon. Sable. Whitefish. Tuna salad. Whitefish salad. Bagels, with the requisite cream cheese schmear. Sliced tomatoes and onions. We had a group of perhaps a dozen, but there was food enough to feed twice that number...and all on the house. Schweet!

But we earned our tucker, I’ll say that much. While the camera was rolling, we were Model Citizens, refraining from dropping the usual F-bombs and making the usual snarky comments about the Emporium’s loathsome coffee. No, we lavished fulsome praise upon the fish...praise which, to be honest, was well-deserved. For there is no other place in the Atlanta area with the variety and high quality of the Smoked Fish Offerings at the Emporium.

Regrettably, there was no advance warning that would have allowed me to set up my TiVo. And thus, the exclusive WAGA Fox 5 interview with Elisson, in which I compare the Emporium’s fish to the appetizing treats of my misspent youth, is but an ephemeral memory to those Lucky Few who were watching Channel 5 in Atlanta between 8:00 and 8:45 a.m. today.

Update: Here’s a link to one of the segments of the show - alas, not the segment featuring the Minyan Boyz.

I wonder if I’m the first person to use the expression “Snot-Nose Days” on camera...

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