Wednesday, September 27, 2006


But somebody’s gotta do it. In this case it’s Mike Rowe, who hosts a show on The Discovery Channel entitled Dirty Jobs. It’s about...well, it’s about Dirty Jobs. Unpleasant, filthy, stinking jobs.

I recall that, many years ago, Texas Monthly magazine published an article on the Ten Worst Jobs in Texas. Among these horror-shows were such gigs as working a Texas road crew in the summer, picking up dead animals by the side of the road and carting them off to a rendering plant, and working as a chicken-sexer in a poultry plant.

Yeah, chicken-sexer. Nasty job, that: sticking your finger in a baby chick’s Hoo-Hoo and determining, by sense of touch alone, whether there is a little fleshy bud in there that indicates an Incipient Rooster. Incipient Roosters go in the trash bin, still peeping. Females, on the other hand, get put to work laying eggs or scarfing grain so as to become tomorrow’s broilers. A good chicken-sexer can do about thirty chicks per minute. Good Gawd.

I should ask Elder Daughter about Dirty Jobs. She works for the Discovery Channel now, and she may have some inside poop. Just how much filth and horror Mike Rowe is prepared to deal with, f’r instance.

Whether he can deal with Erin O’Brien’s Immodest Proposal, however, is open to question. Read the whole thing here. I warn you, however. Do not be drinking coffee or other beverages when you read it, lest you cause dismay, embarrassment, and excessive fluid deposition unto your Computer Monitor.

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