Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Zonker and I were having a discussion about the recent Yellin’ in Helen, wherein he made the observation that every blogmeet has its share of Hollywood Moments.

Of course, the term “Hollywood” covers a lot of ground. There’s science fiction. There’s film noir. There’s comedy. There are mysteries, action-adventures, westerns, tear-jerkers, horror movies, suspense films, romances. Something for every taste.

As with Hollywood, so with Helen and other Blodgy Occasions. Some get-togethers are positively packed with meller-drammer, violence, and slapstick stoopidity. Others are more restrained in a Merchant Ivory sort of way. At the very least, virtually any blogmeet worthy of the name will offer many chances to watch the interplay between various personalities and blogging styles. And the Yellin’ in Helen was no exception.

Recalling some of the dialogue that was going on between certain elements of the Blown-Eyed crowd, Zonker and I were put in mind of a particular well-known Comedic Western. You may agree, after you peruse the Damning Evidence...

And later that same day...

[Tip o’ th’ Elisson fedora to Thunderboy for th’ screen grabs and carefully transcribed film quotations actual photos of events in Helen! And, for that matter, the inspiration for this post.]

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