Sunday, September 03, 2006


She Who Must Be Obeyed and I do not normally attend Sunday evening services, but this being Labor Day weekend and all, we wanted to be sure that a minyan - the required quorum of ten Jewish adults - was present so that mourners could recite the Kaddish.

As we were on our way to the synagogue, SWMBO spotted a brand-new Escalade in the right lane.

We speculated, just between the two of us, on the ethnicity of the driver. Escalades, after all, are the Conspicuous Consumption Purchase of Choice among many of our African-American brethren. But since this one was without the requisite Chrome Spinners, I suspected that the driver was just as likely to be an East Cobb White-Bread Teenager.

As the Escalade sped off, we noticed something disturbing: the left taillight was out.


Think of it. Here was someone driving a Huge-Ass American Vehicle, a monster chunk of automotive iron, packing avoirdupois that would not have been out of place in Detroit’s glory days...a vehicle that probably cost at least fifty large...and the fucking taillight was out before the cardboard dealer plate had expired!

What ever happened to quality? Are American automakers so thoroughly debased? Are they not capable of shame?

It’’s...downright lamentable, I tells ya!

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