Saturday, September 02, 2006


Art is where you find it, they say. Or at least, I say.

Whether you consider the sometimes appalling, always delectable writings of Velociman to be High Art (I do), there are other, more visually-based nuggets that can be mined in the rich fields and dank tunnels of Velociworld.

A recent post by the Velocidaddy his ownself included what, to the casual observer, might appear to be a throwaway link. But not so.

I followed that link to a Treasure Trove of Chi-Com propaganda art.

There’s nothing that rivals Chinese Communist propaganda artwork. Even Joe Stalin’s boys were amateurs compared to the Great Chinese People’s Amalgamated Propaganda and Kitschy Artwork Factory back in the day.

Since I am not above turning Art to Nefarious Purposes - or at least, purposes different from, and more nefarious than, even its originators envisioned - I submit the following for your delectation and amusement...

Let 1000 Blogs Bloom

Continue The Struggle
[Click to embiggen.]

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