Sunday, June 12, 2005


King Ranch Chicken was the absolute shiznit when She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were newlyweds, but it’s twenty-eight years later, and our tastes have become a little more…raffinée.

This evening we celebrated our 28th trip around the sun as a married couple by treating ourselves to a Big Feed. Even better, the Mistress of Sarcasm drove up from Savannah to join us. She and SWMBO will be heading out on a fourteen-hour Road Trip to Foat Wuth tomorrow morning, and I wanted to be sure that they were fortified for the voyage.

We dined at BluePointe, a tony eatery in the heart of Buckhead. SWMBO and I started our meal with aperitifs of Campari and soda, and then Mr. Moneybags ordered a bottle of Champagne. “Voovy Clickit,” if you please.

A couple of rolls of sushi arrived to whet the appetite. Soft shell crab, lobster, all of that yummy trayf. Yowza.

By way of entrées, SWMBO ordered a salmon in a citrusy sauce; the Mistress took halibut in a rice paper wrapper. After a few bites, they decided to exchange dishes. Now, that’s cooperation for you! Meanwhile, I had a roasted beet and goat cheese salad, followed by lobster served in a Thai coconut curry sauce.

Dessert? Damn right we had dessert. A molten chocolate cake with a nugget of pistachio ice cream. Blueberry mascarpone eggrolls with a mango dipping sauce. A chocolate-peanut butter mousse with white chocolate ice cream.

Bejus, was that tasty.

And the best part is, the Great Corporate Salt Mine was paying most of the freight, thanks to the Mystery Award I had won last fall. Now was the perfect time to cash in…which left me more money in my own wallet to buy a nice gift for the Missus. Once in a rare while, workin’ in the Salt Mine pays off.

Fine meal. Fine ladies to share it with. Life is good.

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